Deputy Council Leader helps local library bloom

Following a successful CAF (Community Area Forum Social Scheme) funding bid, assisted by Joan Atkinson, Deputy Leader of South Tyneside Council and Councillor for East Boldon, Boldon & Cleadon Community Library has regenerated its outdoor space & installed a small seating area for all to enjoy.

Conscious of the increased demand for outdoor seating to support socially distanced get togethers, volunteers decided that they could provide just that. The garden landscaping and installation of the new benches has provided a pleasant environment for those wishing to escape social isolation and meet with others, or simply read a book & enjoy a coffee in an outdoor setting. The funding for the benches was partially provided by CAF, which supports small scale locally important social projects and was brought to the attention of the library by Joan Atkinson.

Gail Barkel, Chair of Trustees for Boldon & Cleadon Community Library said, ‘We are very grateful to all of those who have enabled us to create this space. Joan has been a dedicated supporter of the library since we became a community venture and brought the CAF funding to our attention, enabling us to complete the redevelopment of our outdoor space. A huge thanks goes to all of our volunteer gardeners who have dedicated a substantial amount of time to create a beautifully landscaped garden for all to enjoy.’

Joan Atkinson said, ‘The Library trustees and volunteers deserve all the support available to continue their inspiring community work.  I recognise the commitment of all those involved in running and managing the Library and I will continue to do all I can to support them.’

The creation of this new space coincides with the recent opening of the library on Monday 12th April. Run entirely by volunteers, the library was the first community library to be established in South Tyneside, opening its doors in November 2018.

The library is in the process of redeveloping its ever popular activities programme which will launch from next month and include pre school sessions, book sales & the ongoing development of longer-term projects such as the creation of a memory café to support those living with and caring for people with dementia.