Support Us

The Library aims to be more than a library, it aims to become a community hub.

  • A free library service, in conjunction with South Tyneside Council
  • Access to IT for all ages
  • Opportunities for all members of the local community to be actively involved in running The Library
  • Formal and informal education opportunities for adults, children and young people and families
  • A safe and positive experience for everyone in an inclusive and community space
  • The opportunity for the community to feed back to The Library in order that it can improve, develop, adapt and change in response to that feedback

This is only possible with your support.

The Library needs people to come and support events and purchase our seasonal arts and crafts. The Library needs people to help manage and run the Library – either as occasional helpers, as volunteers or trustees. The Library needs money to pay the bills. We need approximately £25,000 a year to pay utility bills, maintenance and other day to day running costs. The Library needs people to donate.
Otherwise The Library will close.

How can you help us keep The Library open?

  • Please sponsor us
  • Please donate your time
  • Please join us at any of our events.
  • Please spread the word about our events
  • Please follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter
  • Please refer us to organisations that may sponsor us through their corporate social responsibility programmes
  • Become a Partner organisation

Thank you.