New Dementia books collection now available

As part of the Library’s initiative to be more dementia friendly, we have recently added to our collection of books a range that is specifically around dementia as well as some on nostalgia.

We are hoping that these books will inform people of what dementia is but also provide support to people living with dementia and their carers, plus be invaluable to trigger memories and conversations.

You don’t need a prescription for these books, just a library card.

There are over twenty books in the Dementia collection which are listed in a handy pamphlet (see image below).

They have been endorsed by healthcare professionals, and are aimed for people who have dementia, are caring for someone with dementia or would like to find out more about the condition.

The books provide information and advice, support for living well, advice for relatives and carers, and personal stories. An assortment is shown below.

There is also a book that has been designed especially for children to help explain to them through an illustrated story why “grandma” is getting a bit forgetful and how “making a box of happy memories” could be a really good idea.(Grandma by Jessica Shepherd)

Pictures to Share Books
We have also purchased a collection called “Pictures to Share” these are intended for people with mid to late stage dementia. The books are simple in their format, clear and colourful with no confusing backgrounds or content that is too difficult to interpret.

They have been chosen because they provide an opportunity for telling stories or for linking into themes that most people will recognise.

Themes include –Shopping, A Sporting Life, Beside the Seaside, Family Life, Childhood Days, In the Garden, and many more.

The Library is looking to use these books when our monthly Memory Café starts, to help to engage with the group and to kick start the conversations and memories. We haven’t got a date yet for the Memory Café but we will keep you posted.

Local History and Nostalgia Books
We have been building up our own collection of books in the Local History section. Some we have purchased but others have been kindly donated.

New titles include “1960s Memory Lane”, “Wartime Memories”, “North East Life in the 1930s, 40s & 50s”.

Plenty of images and snippets to bring back memories of times past!

Dementia Information Hub
As well as books, we have pulled together a one stop shop of leaflets and promotional literature on services and support that are available in the local area, and through charities such as the Alzheimer’s Society.

You can find these in the Dementia Information Hub in the main part of the Library. The information covers useful aids for the home, the Home Reader Service, local dementia friendly events and activities like “Singing for the Brain” and “Happy at Hub” plus information signposting to other services.

Funding Support
We have been really lucky with financial support from local organisations, especially for the new Dementia books and the Memory Café from the Cleadon & District Rotary Club, and also Rolls-Royce Washington and Unite. In addition donations of books from local residents, and of course everyone who has donated to our Memory Walk. A big thank you to everyone.

Also thank you to Howard for the photographs.


To find out more about our Dementia Friendly Initiative click here.

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